Greensboro, NC Realtor: North Carolina, Do You Have Money To Burn?

North Carolina, Do You Have Money To Burn?

North Carolina residents, do you have money to burn?  You may be doing just that if you are wasting electricity with incandescent light bulbs, a drafty house or poor insulation.  If you are a North Carolina customer of Duke Energy, they have some free and low-cost offers to help reduce your energy costs. 

Free Home Energy House Call  Receive a free home analysis of how you can make your home more energy efficient.  The energy specialist will check your home for air leaks, examine your insulation levels and review your appliances and heating and cooling systems.  The energy specialist will also provide you with a free Energy Efficiency Starter Kit, which he or she will be happy to install during the home energy audit. Small changes and improvements can equal big savings on your energy bill. 

Free Compact Flourescent Lights (CFL) You may be eligible for 12 free CFLs from Duke Energy.  According to their brochure, you will save $360 when you replace 12 incandescent light bulbs with 12 CFLs ($30 savings per CFL). 

Power Manger Save $32/year on your energy bill by participating in the Power Manager program.  As a Power Manager participant, you agree to have a device installed on your air conditioner that may temporarily interrupt your air conditioning but the fan will continue to run to cool your home.  Air conditioning is very rarely cycled off during the evenings, weekends or holidays. 

Smart $aver Receive $200 cash rebate for installing an energy-efficient heating or cooling system in your home.  Also, save energy costs in the future with your new energy-efficient equipment.

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